Prof. Cláudio A. Franco

Secretary – Website, Economy & Sponsor Group


Vascular Morphogenesis Laboratory

Instituto de Medicina Molecular – João Lobo Antunes

Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, Portugal.


CA Franco is a Group Leader at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular – João Lobo Antunes and an Invited Associate Professor of Vascular Biology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon. He graduated in Biochemistry at the University of Porto, Portugal. He did his PhD in the lab of Dr. Zhenlin Li at Denis Diderot University, Paris, France and his postdoc in the lab of Prof. Holger Gerhardt at the London Research Institute, London, UK. He was born in Paris but his childhood was lived in the north of Portugal.

Mission Statement

At the vascular morphogenesis lab, we aim to understand the principles formation and function of blood vessels. We investigate the fundamental mechanisms regulating the morphogenesis of blood vessels aiming at finding new ways to stimulate or inhibit vessel growth and function. We are fascinated by these broad biological questions: i) how cells communicate with each other to generate supra-cellular structures; ii) how proliferation, migration and cell death are coordinated to control tissue size; iii) how physical and chemical cues are integrated at the single-cell level in space and time.




Twitter: @ClaudioAFranco1