The European Vascular Biology Organisation’s mission is to provide visibility and networking opportunities for vascular biologists in order to promote a vibrant and diverse community to generate research excellence. We endeavour to support the next generation of early career researchers to participate in developing the field of vascular biology.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Webinar Series

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Microsoft PowerPoint - Webinar Series
Read more about, Prof Cecilia Sahlgren, Cell Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Åbo Akademi University, Eindhoven University of Technology, Finland. To apply, click here.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Webinar Series

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June; Stanicek et al, 2020 Commun BiolLong non-coding RNA LASSIE regulates shear stress sensing and endothelial barrier function

Pub High June 20

July; Sheikh et al, 2020 Nat Cell BiolNeural metabolic imbalance induced by MOF dysfunction triggers pericyte activation and breakdown of vasculature’ 

Pub High Jul 20

IVBM 2020EVBO will support presenting junior members with 10 €250 e-poster awards chosen by the Council and €2,500 to cover online registrations to enable European/ Israeli young scientists to take part in the digital IVBM meeting 9-12th Sept 2020. Mark ‘apply’ on the ‘Travel Awards’ section when submitting your abstract online.