Prof. Claudia Monaco

Council Officer – Social Media, Conference Support, Summer School and Publication Highlight & Awards Groups


The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology

University of Oxford, UK


Professor Claudia Monaco is Professor of Cardiovascular Inflammation at the University of Oxford. Prof. Monaco received her Medical Degree from the Catholic University, Rome, Italy. She trained in Cardiology and PhD in Cellular and Molecular Cardiology at the Catholic University of Rome, Italy, then she joined the faculty as Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London, UK. Prof. Monaco heads the Cardiovascular Inflammation Lab at the University of Oxford, and the NDORMS Mass Cytometry Facility.

Mission statement

Our lab investigates the critical role of immune cells in atherosclerosis. Through advanced single-cell biology platforms, we study human and murine arteries to identify new immune subsets and understand their biology and roles during disease progression. By integrating human plaque immunology with preclinical models, we aim to distinguish between pathogenic and reparative immune states, guiding the development of targeted therapies for cardiovascular disease. Our mission is to translate these findings to the human context, focusing on the immunology of human plaques. 




Twitter: @LabMonaco