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American Heart Association

British Atherosclerosis Society

British Cardiovascular Society

British Microcirculation Society

British Society for Cardiovascular Research

Council on Basic Cardiovascular Science (CBCS)

European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS)

European Council for Cardiovascular Research

European Society for Microcirculation

European Society of Cardiology

European Society of Cardiology

European vascular research networks

German angiogenesis network SPP1069

German Cardiac Society

German Hypertension Society

Glasgow BHF Centre of Research Excellence in Vascular Biology and Medicine

Healthy Heart Tips for Everyone

As you know, our hearts are precious vessels. And in order to protect our heart health, we must take care of our overall wellness by nourishing our bodies, getting plenty of rest each night, and steering clear of harmful substances.

We’re on a mission to remind people everywhere how vital — and easy! — it is to keep our hearts in tiptop shape by making smart lifestyle choices.

International Atherosclerosis Society

International Society for Heart Research (ISHR)

International Society of Differentiation

Kloster Seeon meeting “Angiogenesis” series

nationwide research network on tumor-vessel interactions