Prof. Katrien de Bock

Council Officer – Publication Highlight & Awards Group

Ausserordentliche Professorin am Departement Gesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie


ETH Zurich – Department of Health Sciences and Technology

Institute of Movement Sciences and Sports (IBWS), Switzerland


Katrien De Bock was born in Belgium in 1980. She received her Master in Rehabilitation sciences in 2002. During her PhD-period at the Research Center for Exercise and Health (University of Leuven – Belgium – Oct 2002 to Sept 2007), she focused her research on exercise physiology and studied metabolic plasticity in muscle during exercise in the fasted state. From Oct 2007 to June 2013, she conducted a postdoctoral training at the Vesalius Research Center, Flemish Interuniversity Institute of Biotechnology (VIB – University of Leuven) under the mentorship of Prof. Peter Carmeliet. Here, she studied the link between angiogenesis and metabolism during development and disease. In Sept 2014, Katrien De Bock received an assistant professorship position at University of Leuven (Belgium), but almost immediately moved to Madrid (Spain) for an intensive research stay in the laboratory of Prof. Julian Aragonés where she studied the link between hypoxia and metabolism (02-08/ 2014). Since 2015, she is associate professor at ETH (Department of Health Sciences and Technology) in Zürich.

Mission statement

The De Bock laboratory focuses its research on investigating how endothelial cells rewire their metabolism during angiogenesis and how endothelial cells metabolically communicate with other cell types in the muscle microenvironment to maintain or establish muscle homeostasis. Specific interest goes to deciphering mechanisms of blood vessel growth and endothelial metabolic crosstalk in the muscle following exercise and/or muscle injury.

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