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The Laboratory of Angiogenesis and Cancer Metabolism, Dept. of Biology, University of Padua, lead by Prof. Massimo M. Santoro ( is seeking for a postdoc fellow to study endothelial signaling and metabolic pathways in Endo-MT-driven pathological angiogenesis. Using human and mouse genetic approaches as well as advanced molecular and metabolic techniques we want to elucidate how mechanical signaling and metabolism regulate EndoMT in pathological conditions such as atherosclerosis. Theproject will focus on the role of specific metabolites and signaling pathways recently identified by our laboratory (Donadon and Santoro, Development, 2021; Camillo et al., 2021, J. Cell Biol.; Facchinello, Astone et al., 2022, Nature Metabolism; Oberkersch et al., 2022, Developmental Cell, Astone, Oberkersch et al., 2023, Cardiovascular Research). We have acquired strong experience in biochemistry, genetic, molecular and cellular biology of endothelial and mural cells in different vertebrate animal models and human primary cells. Mouse animal facility, transcriptomic and translatomic expertise, STED confocal microscopy, multiphoton-light sheet microscopy equipment, and metabolic/proteomic core facilities are available in the laboratory and department for these studies.

The post-doc candidate must be highly motivated, enthusiastic and efficient researcher with a PhD in a relevant discipline and experience in genetic, molecular and cellular biology methods (priorities will give to candidates with already established expertise in mouse genetic). The candidate needs a publication record in peer-reviewed international journals (including at least one paper as a first author). The candidate must be capable of working in a team as well as independently. The candidate is expected to independently establish all necessary techniques, introduce new technology, coordinate ongoing collaborations, and instruct other scientists. Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English are required.

Please visit this website for further information about us:

Please send your CV, letter of motivation, and the contact information of at least two references to Prof. Santoro at  The position is available immediately.

To apply for this job email your details to

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