Research Fellow in Retinal Vascular Biology

Patric TurowskiByPatric Turowski

Research Fellow in Retinal Vascular Biology

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  • Post-doctoral
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Turo67P University College London

This post of Research Fellow in Retinal Vascular Biology offers an exciting opportunity for someone to play a key role in elucidating novel signalling mechanisms at blood-neural barriers, on our mission of developing new therapies to treat vascular dysfunction more effectively in a wide variety of blinding retinal diseases.

In this project, generously funded by Fight for Sight, the successful candidate will carry out a wide range of duties in particular conduct cutting-edge research into the interaction of Galectins with VEGF receptors and the pathophysiological consequences for the retinal vascular endothelium that is part of the blood-retinal barrier.

This work will be carried out in the laboratory of Prof Patric Turowski, in collaboration with Prof Christiana Ruhrberg and world leading lectin laboratories at Imperial College and the University of Buenos Aires.

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