Dr. Johanna P. Laakkonen

Council Officer – Social Media and Young Investigator Groups


A.I. Virtanen Institute of Molecular Sciences

University of Eastern Finland, Finland


Adjunct Professor of Molecular Medicine and Academy Research Fellow at University of Eastern Finland, Group Leader of Vascular Biology Research Group and Head of Adenovirus Vector Production in National Virus Vector Laboratories in Biocenter Kuopio, Finland. She was trained as PhD in Molecular Biology (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), and worked as a senior researcher in Prof. Seppo Ylä-Herttuala group (University of Eastern Finland, Finland) and as a post-doc researcher in Prof. Stefan Kochanek group (University Hospital of Ulm, Germany), focusing in vectorology, gene therapy, growth factors and endothelium biology.

Mission statement

The Laakkonen group  studies: 1) causal effects and mechanisms of vascular lesions and aortic aneurysms, particularly cellular crosstalk and flow-induced tissue re-modelling; 2) Growth factors and Hippo signaling pathway in vascular diseases; and 3) targeted therapeutics to modulate vascular growth.




Web: https://uefconnect.uef.fi/en/group/vascular-biology-laakkonen/


Twitter: @GroupLaakkonen