Dr Paola Campagnolo

Job TitlePaola crop

Lecturer in Cardiovascular Molecular Biology


Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences
School of Biosciences and Medicine
Section of Cardiovascular Sciences
University of Surrey
Guildford GU2 7XHD


Dr Paola Campagnolo is currently Lecturer of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology in the School of Biosciences and Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Paola graduated in Biotechnology at the University of Padua, Italy. She then moved to Bristol to work under the supervision of Prof Paolo Madeddu at Bristol Heart Institute. In 2009, Paola completed her PhD in Cardiovascular Biology working on the isolation of a patient derived pro-angiogenic progenitor cell population. Next, Paola joined Prof Qingbo Xu’s the BHF Centre of Excellence at King’s College London as a BHF Research Associate to explore the use of stem cells for the repopulation of vascular grafts. In 2013, Paola joined Prof Molly Stevens’ group at the Department of Materials at Imperial College London to undertake the study of novel bio- and nano- materials for cardiovascular tissue engineering.Paola has published extensively in top journals in the field of cardiovascular biology and material science with a total of over 646 citations. Paola is part of the editorial board of Editorial Board of Cardiovascular Biologics and Regenerative Medicine (specialty section of Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine), act as a reviewer for several journals, including PLoSONE and ATVB and is part of the reviewing board for the French National Agency of Research and the Italian Ministry of Health.

Research Interests

Dr Paola Campagnolo’s  main research interests are (1) study cell-cell and cell-material interaction in vascular cell within multicellular co-culture systems (2) developing improved tissue engineered vascular grafts  and (3) long term bioreactor systems for multicellular cardiovascular constructs (4) study regenerative angiogenesis and progenitor cells.

Platform Statement

Within the EVBO council, Dr Paola Campagnolo manages the EVBO Facebook page. She decided become part of the council to be actively involved in the organisation after participating in the scientific meetings and summer schools for many years and recognising the valuable contribution that EVBO brings to the scientific community.