Prof Yvonne Alexander

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Professor of Translational Science


Manchester Metropolitan University
Healthcare Science Research Institute
Faculty of Science & Engineering
John Dalton Building
Oxford Rd
Manchester. M1 5GD


Originally from Ireland, Dr. Yvonne Alexander graduated in Biology from Strathclyde University in 1987 and her early career in The University of Glasgow was founded on her PhD studies in the CRC Beatson Institute, followed by post-doctoral studies in the Depts of Genetics and Medicine and Therapeutics, during which time she gained her transferable skills in transgenic technology and adenoviral gene transfer to study disease mechanisms. Yvonne’s interest in endothelial and vessel wall dysfunction was nurtured in Professor Anna Dominiczak’s laboratory before a move to the University of Manchester where she joined the Cardiovascular Research Group as a Lecturer in Molecular Medicine. Yvonne continued and extended her interest in molecular aspects of cardiovascular disease, and vessel wall biology, while becoming a senior lecturer. Her work ranges from endothelial and smooth muscle cell cross-talk, endothelial repair and smooth muscle cell phenotypic switching in the context of vascular calcification. Work to date has involved the use of rodent models and a genotype-driven approach to developing effective novel molecular treatment strategies for disease. Current work involves the use of adenoviral-mediated gene transfer as a study tool to understand gene regulation and protein function in relation to cardiovascular disease mechanisms. Yvonne has currently taken up a Professorial position in teh Healthcare Science Research Institute in Manchester Metropolitan University and is the current Chair of the British Society for Cardiovascular Research. She collaborates in a wide network of International Researchers, her group has won nine Prizes at International conferences, and she acts on review panels and as referee for International Journals. Yvonne has given a number of invited lectures, communicating enthusiasm for cardiovascular biology and strives to translate scientific discoveries into improved clinical practice.

Platform Statement

My research now focuses on the understanding of how endothelial dysfunction leads to the development of atherosclerosis. In particular we are focusing on endothelial damage and repair, investigating the role of microparticles and endothelial progenitor cells in health and disease. We have also interests in modulation of smooth muscle cell phenotype and development of calcification in the advanced plaque lesion, and how these phenomena interlink to predispose to coronary heart disease. As a basic scientist with many clinical collaborators, the goal of my research is to provide a better molecular understanding of atherosclerotic disease so that improved therapy can be designed.

My vision for EVBO is teh development of a dynamic and vibrant network operating as an acknowledged centre of excellence, across Europe. Immediate objectives are to strengthen the initial founder membership and foster and extend the networking and collaboration opportunities. I will strive to build on the credibility of the EVBO network through continuing interaction, where young enthusiastic scientists can learn from and interact with more established and experienced vascular biologists.

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