PhD position in Vascular Biology, Vienna

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Group leader: Klaudia Schossleitner, Department of Dermatology,

Are you looking for a great place to combine basic biology and medical need?Capture

We are looking for a motivated PhD student to join our team! A fully funded PhD position is available from early 2019 at the Skin and Endothelium Reseach Division ( at the Medical University Campus in Vienna, Austria.

We are studying mechanisms controlling vascular barrier function in health and disease.

Why is this important? Blood vessels are a critical transport network and a barrier for fluids, molecules and cells in the human body. Normally, these functions are safeguarded by a number of cellular junctional complexes that are linked to the cytoskeleton and to
important signaling pathways. We have recently demonstrated that a cytosolic adapter protein can regulate junctional complexes and vascular permeability. Now we want to apply this knowledge to models of disease. We want to help develop strategies that support vascular barrier function in a number of diseases.

How can you help?

You will be working with in vivo and in vitro models of vascular barriers and use advanced live imaging technology and techniques of molecular biology to investigate intricate biological processes. You will compare your findings to publicly available
databases and recent literature and help to put our work in context.

You should have a background in medicine or life sciences, as well as an analytical mind, dedication, team spirit and excellent English skills.

If you are interested, send your letter of motivation with a description of technical skills, CV, university certificates and relevant references to
Application deadline: 28.02.2019

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