PhD studentship – RNA biology in endothelial cells

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PhD studentship – RNA biology in endothelial cells

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Dissecting the regulation of localised protein synthesis during angiogenesis

Angiogenesis, or the emergence of new blood vessels, is a complex biological process that involves the coordinated migration of endothelial cells. As they navigate through tissues, leading endothelial cells present at the tip of new sprouting vessels are guided by signalling molecules. These cues are critical modulators of the molecular and cellular responses triggered during angiogenesis. Amongst other factors, messenger (m)RNAs are asymmetrically distributed in motile endothelial cells. Some of these mRNAs are transported to the front of tip endothelial cells where they actively participate in cell motility (

We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic student to embark on a PhD project that addresses fundamental questions in the fields of messenger RNA localisation and local translation in the context of angiogenesis. You will take advantage of a wide range of cell culture techniques, advanced microscopy and molecular biology approaches designed to explore how and why particular mRNAs are translated into proteins at the front of endothelial cells.

Your studies will be carried out in a collaborative environment under the supervision of WWIEM ( and PGJCCR ( researchers, and your findings will shed light on novel therapeutic targets to treat vascular-related disorders.

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