Chair of Junior Professor – Computational Biology applied to Cardiovascular Research

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Chair of Junior Professor – Computational Biology applied to Cardiovascular Research

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We are currently seeking a highly motivated and creative scientist with more than 3-year experience in computational biology to develop a research group at l’institut du thorax in Nantes, France.

Host institution: The Inserm is the French national Institute for biomedical research and human health, which operates under the joint authority of the French Ministries of Health and Research. The institute offers Junior Professor Chairs to scientist in the first part of their career, with a strong potential to supervise and lead research. Such position is based on a fixed-term contract before tenure as Inserm senior researcher.

Host laboratory: L’institut du thorax integrates research, training and care against cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory diseases. Our research laboratory, based at Nantes University jointly with the INSERM and the CNRS, combines basic research and translational approaches to elucidate the molecular bases of these diseases. Our medical ambition is to detect them earlier and prevent reverse clinical outcomes through novel approaches in precision medicine. In this context, we have built longitudinal cohort studies on pathologies such as cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac valve defect, dyslipidaemia and intracranial aneurysm. In parallel, we have implemented the necessary resources to build a multi-scale data warehouse enabling to model and predict disease trajectories. Here we aim at strengthening our analytical capabilities to exploit such resources through international collaborative networks – particularly in the context of the EU framework program Horizon Europe.

Scientific project: By opening one Chair of Junior Professor, we aim to recruit a scientific leader in computational biology applied to cardiovascular diseases. The chair holder will develop novel numerical approaches aimed at building new predictive models of cardiovascular disease based on multi-scale data integration, disease computational modelling and/or outcome prediction. His/her research will benefit from: (1) established cohorts of subjects/patients with associated clinical, behavioural, biological (molecular) and phenotypic information; (2) well-characterized 3D cell models derived from human subjects; (3) complementary expertise in human genetics and cardiovascular pathophysiology at the ITX laboratory. He/she will also have the opportunity to build on international networks coordinated by the ITX teams in cardiology, endocrinology and/or neuroradiology.

Research Funding: The chair holder will initially get a package of 200k EUR to initiate his/her own research. Based on his/her profile and experience, additional funding may be obtainable on request.

Keywords: multi-scale data, AI models, cardiovascular system, disease trajectories

Scientific field: Digital Health / Data Science / Cardiovascular Diseases

Contract :
Type: Fixed-term contract
Duration: 5 years
Salary: According to experience
Envisaged Start Date: Second semester of 2023

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