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Cardiovascular Institute Maastricht


Dr. Judith Sluimer (associate professor-tenure track, Cardiovascular Institute Maastricht) is focusing on the functional role and imaging potential of hypoxia, oxygen sensors and leaky angiogenesis in atherosclerosis and diet-induced obesity since 2010 in Maastricht University, The Netherlands (funded by NWO-VENI, CTMM and CARIM). A post-doctoral fellowship in the lab of Prof. Ira Tabas (Columbia University, NYC, USA) in 2008 furthered her expertise in macrophage apoptosis, efferocytosis and autophagy (funded by Netherlands scientific organization (NWO), Rubicon, and the international atherosclerosis society (IAS). From 2016, she continued research on cellular O2 metabolism and autophagy as network member of the highly competitive (3% success rate) Leducq grant scheme for transatlantic networks of excellence and as recipient of a Dr. Dekker fellowship from the Dutch heart Foundation. Judith is also working on ncRNAs in vascular biology as a visiting scientist at University of Edinburgh. She has given oral presentations e.g. at Keystone and Gordon conferences, EMVBM, ESC, and BAS. In total, she acquired ~2M€ funding (sum to personal CV, 13M€ consortia) and published >40 papers with an average impact factor of 8.5 in journals, such as European heart journal, JACC, Circulation, Circulation research, Cell metabolism, Nature cell biology and ATVB. In addition, she is member of the Strategic Board of the cardiovascular research institute Maastricht (CARIM) and the Dutch Endothelial cell Biology Society (DEBS).

Platform Statement

Following expertise in vascular biology and pathology, I have promoted the coherence of this field in the Netherlands as board member of the DEBS. DEBS, together with the Dutch microcirculation society MiVAB, has organized yearly Netherlands vascular biology meetings. This provides a platform, particularly for young investigators to present and discuss their results. Being a loyal member of EVBO for years, and having witnessed the success of EVGN during my PhD-studentship in Mat Daemen’s group, I gratefully welcome the opportunity to take part in the elections for EVBO council membership to fulfill a more active role in EVBO.
As a council member of the European vascular biology (EVBO), I would continue to strive for career development of young vascular biology investigators, e.g. by organizing pre-symposia aimed at developing scientific ánd non-scientific skills in PhD-students, and senior postdocs. I commit to organizing the ESM-EVBO 2019 in Maastricht, and EVBO symposia during IVBM e.o. Through international fellowships, the Leducq network and my double affiliation in Maastricht and Edinburgh I have established a firm European and American network, which I intend to use to strengthen the collaboration with the American organization NAVBO. Together, I am motivated to extend my enthusiasm to unite and strengthen the vascular biology field at a national to a European level.

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